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What's our story here at Fahrenheit Pizza and Brew Asheville NC...?

Welcome to Fahrenheit Pizza and Brew. We are so happy to be your family owned go-to neighborhood pizza place (oh, and smoked wings too!).


Our Story

As all great adventures, Fahrenheit began with a dream.  The dream of building a community around a neighborhood table, that serves delicious, crispy, New York style pizza, and follows in the tradition of Asheville’s Beer City America fame, crafting amazing brews.  We also feature other local brewers on tap.  With our “Pour Your Own Beer” system, you can taste them all!


Jim (or Pop, as his grandchildren call him) was raised in Asheville and came out of retirement, with his son Sam by his side, to follow his heart, and take his passion for cooking and home brewing to you, our neighbors.  These two men have 40 years of combined experience in the food industry and enough heart, fun, and enthusiasm to light a city block. Together they traveled to New York City to attend the famous, award winning, Goodfellas’s Pizza School and learned from the masters.   


From its inception, our goal for Fahrenheit has always been to create a space for our neighbors to gather and eat delicious pizza, or to be there for you when you need to just pop in to grab a pizza to go (or soon, have it delivered to your door!).   Our state of the art pizza oven, with its rotating stone, cranks out your pie in just 5 minutes! Fast, our vibe!


We’re all about simplicity and community. We want to get to know you, laugh with you, and serve you delicious food, crafted from whole, fresh ingredients. We also want to hear from you, as we work together to create a place you can truly call your own little home away from home.


On behalf of the entire Kloman family, welcome to Fahrenheit Pizza and Brewhouse.  It really is a beautiful day in our neighborhood and we’re glad you stopped by.

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